Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Google Apps for Education Features in the last 6 months at Clemson

In case you missed it, here are some of the new features of Clemson Google Apps for Education:

1) Google Sites
  • Picture Links - put a picture or icon on your page, highlight it, link to a web site or another page of your site (just like linking text)
  • New way to edit Sidebar - coming!!! - There's a video on it in an earlier post...
2) Google Drive
  • If you still see Documents in your Google Apps black bar, you should upgrade to Drive.  You'll see an option to use Google Drive, maybe a link to "get 5 GB free" - go ahead and click on that.  If you want to use Google Drive on your computer (where you can drag and drop files into a folder like Dropbox), go ahead and Install Google Drive (another option you'll see).  Do not do this on someone else's computer!!!  Also, you can add iPhone, iPad, or Android Apps and see your Google Drive files on another device!
3) Picasaweb
  • Once you are logged in to Clemson's Google Apps (through, if you open a new browser tab and type in - you will have to give your Clemson Google Apps password the first time - but then you will have your own account where you can create albums and drag and drop files.  Those same albums or pictures will be available in your Google Site under Insert, Picasaweb.  You can make the pictures or albums private or public with share options.  You can also get a link to them - or embed.
4) Blogger
  • Added into Google Apps for Education this semester!  You're looking at a sample right now.
5) Google + Hangouts
  • If you click on the last item on the left in the Google apps bar  - it's a +followed by your user name - mine is +Laurie you can get to Google +.  From there on the right there's a Google Hangouts option.  If you start a Hangout, you can have a virtual meeting or class with other Google users.  You can share your screen, file, camera, webcam.  Try it!!!!

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